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Teaching the lost art of sewing and design in a fun and creative way.

Our Release Waiver and Indemnification Agreement

“My child and her guests had the best time at your studio. She will definitely have her party again at Sew Fun! next year. In the meantime, she’s still showing off her tote bag to everyone” -Stacy, South Charlotte

“This party was by far the best my daughter has ever been to. She is coming back for classes and we’ll book her party over the summer. Thank you for introducing sewing in this extremely creative way” -Lisa, WaxhawType your paragraph here.

Our goal at sew fun! parties and more is to provide all of our students with an exciting sewing experience! Students will be learning in a professional sewing environment with professional equipment, including sewing machines and irons. Use of this equipment is monitored at all times, and proper safety methods are taught without fail.  Every effort will be made by sew fun! and its staff to ensure the safety of your child/yourself while on our premises and or under our supervision.

By registering your child(ren)/yourself, you give permission for your child/yourself to participate in sew fun! parties and more activities and agree to the following:

I understand that my child/myself is enrolled in classes at sew fun! parties and more at my own risk and liability. I agree that no claims of any kind or nature will be brought against sew fun! parties and more or its staff as a result of injuries, illness, expenses or damages that I or my child/myself may suffer while on the premises of sew fun! parties and more, whether such claims are known, unknown or arise in the future. I expressly agree that this release, waiver, and indemnity agreement is intended to be broad and inclusive as permitted by the law of the State of North Carolina and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect.

I further understand and agree as follows:​

  • I am the legal parent or guardian of the student or I am an adult student.
  • I am aware that the activities at sew fun! parties and more, often involve using equipment that can cause injury.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to decide if the student is qualified to participate in the activities, and I assume all risks and accept personal responsibility for any potential damages arising from the student’s participation.
  • I will instruct the student to carefully listen to and follow all safety and other instructions given by sew fun! parties and more staff and to inform sew fun! parties and more staff if they are in any way unsure of how to use specific equipment.
  • sew fun! parties and more exercises reasonable care and precautions to minimize the risk of food‐related allergic reactions during after school classes and summer camp snack time, including  communicating no‐nut snack policies; however, sew fun! parties and more does not in any way ensure that the risks are completely mitigated, nor does it assume liability for any food‐related allergic reactions. 
  • We require all children who are prescribed an Epi‐Pen, inhaler, diabetic monitor or other medical device carry it with them at all times while on the premises. Parents/Guardians assume full responsibility for their child's allergies and other medical conditions.​
  • If the student is injured in any way at sew fun! parties and more and I am not present, I give my consent to have sew fun! parties and more staff or any medical personnel help in the way they see fit including arranging for emergency transportation to a local hospital. I am aware that the cost of any medical transportation or assistance will be my own responsibility.

I agree to indemnify and hold harmless sew fun! parties and more, its officers, agents, and staff, Priscilla Davis Lifestyles, LLC, and Priscilla Davis from any and all claims or liability related to any accident that may arise as a result of my and/or my child’s participation in this program. I understand that sewing includes the use of machines, needles, scissors and other tools, and that this activity includes risks that can cause or lead to injury.

I agree to waive and release sew fun! parties and more, its officers, agents, and staff, Priscilla Davis Lifestyles, LLC, and Priscilla Davis from and against any and all claims, cost liabilities, expenses, or judgments, including attorney’s fees and court costs arising from my child’s (or my) participation in sew fun! parties and more activities, or any illness or injury resulting therefrom. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless sew fun! parties and more from and against any and all such claims, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, except for illness and injury resulting
directly from willful misconduct on the part of sew fun! parties and more. I understand and agree that by signing this waiver, I am freeing sew fun! parties and more, its officers, agents, or staff from any liability resulting from my child’s (or my) participation in this activity.

Come sew and create something beautiful!