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Private Lessons 

Our private lessons are for everyone (girls, boys (6 years and up) teens, and adults.  Imagine learning just what you want to learn during a one-on-one lesson with an experienced teacher.  At sew fun! you can have classes designed around your interests and sewing level.  For example, you can learn:

  • How to use your new sewing machine- thread machine, make a bobbin, control speed and sew a 5/8" seam (straight and zigzag).
  • How to take measurements and read a pattern envelope to determine your pattern size. 
  • How to read pattern instructions to cut and construct a sewing project.
  • Garment construction techniques such as making a casing, adding trim, hemming, or making buttonholes. 

Prior to your first lesson, you will have the opportunity to discuss your sewing goals with your instructor. 
All of our instructors have been sewing and or teaching sewing lessons/classes for over 20 years and have experience with students of all ages. 

Private lessons are $40 per hour and may be scheduled for 1 child or adult, or 1 adult and 1 child. Please call 980-297-6008 for more information or to schedule a private lesson.

Girl Scouts, Y-Guides and Other Organizations

Girl Scouts, Y-Guides and other organizations are welcome to schedule a service project or "fun" project with sew fun! on Saturdays.  Most sessions are 1 hour and 30 minutes and start at $20 / participant (special price for organizations).  Sessions include: a sewing lesson, fabric, trims and materials, if applicable. Sewing badges are available for scouts for an additional cost of $3.  Please call to discuss available projects. 

To make a deposit for a date/time confirmed with Sew Fun within 48 hours, click here

​​Sew Social

Looking for a fun night out with friends? Join us for a "sew social".  During our "sew social" you'll have time to sew a fun project and socialize with your friends! Wine gift bag and other sewing projects are available. Call 980-297-6008 for details or to schedule.


Private Lessons and More at sew fun! parties and more...

Teaching the lost art of sewing and design in a fun and creative way.

Come sew and create something beautiful!

“My child and her guests had the best time at your studio. She will definitely have her party again at Sew Fun! next year. In the meantime, she’s still showing off her tote bag to everyone” -Stacy, South Charlotte

“This party was by far the best my daughter has ever been to. She is coming back for classes and we’ll book her party over the summer. Thank you for introducing sewing in this extremely creative way” -Lisa, Waxhaw