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Sewing School- Adults

Sew Fun! Parties and More adult sewing classes are for anyone 18 and up. Classes are designed for the

beginner as well as students who want a refresher. Skills taught will include: threading a sewing machine,

making a bobbin, controlling speed and sewing a 5/8" seam (straight and zigzag).  Depending on the class

project, additional skills taught may include: how to take measurements, read a pattern envelope to determine  your pattern size and how to read pattern instructions to cut and construct a sewing project.

Adult Sewing School Details

  • Classes are 1 hour / week for 4 - 4.5 months.  Students will be allowed to make-up 2 classes / semester. Click the Class Descriptions box on the Sewing School Tab for details.
  • Class schedule includes: Saturday afternoon and  Thursday mornings. Click the Calendar & Schedule box on the Sewing School Tab for details.
  • Classes are small- student teacher ratio:  5/1.
  • Tuition for sewing classes is $65 per month. The 1st month includes tuition, workbooks, and registration fee.
  • Registration for the second semester of 2017-2018 will begin in December. If you'd like to be the first to know when registration opens, please click the  Registration Box below and add your name to the waiting list for the class of your choice.
  • ​When enrolling yourself in a class, please understand that you are enrolling them for 1 semester or the school year.  During the 2017- 2018 year, Semester 1 is September 5 -  January 30; Semester 2 is February 1 - May 24.


We'd love to have more adult classes and workshops! 

Classes are 1 hour / week for 4 - 4.5 months.   If you are interested in an adult class,  please click the  Registration box below and add your name to the waiting list for the class of your choice.  

Workshops are 2 - 3 hours per workshop.​ If you are interested in an adult workshop, please click the  Waiting List  below and add your name to the waiting list. 


In order to reserve a space in an adult sewing class or workshop, registration and full payment is required.  Space is

limited: 4 students per class; 8 students per workshop. Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please check your schedule before registering.  The cost of classes does not include materials.  The cost of workshops includes materials

“My child and her guests had the best time at your studio. She will definitely have her party again at Sew Fun! next year. In the meantime, she’s still showing off her tote bag to everyone” -Stacy, South Charlotte

“This party was by far the best my daughter has ever been to. She is coming back for classes and we’ll book her party over the summer. Thank you for introducing sewing in this extremely creative way” -Lisa, Waxhaw

Come see how much fun sewing can be!

Teaching the lost art of sewing and design in a fun and creative way.

Sewing School at Sew Fun! Parties and More